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A conventional charcoal grill gives the fish a true grilled taste but a gas grill will still provide you with good results. The key to grilling fish is to cook it using very high heat. Hot and fast.  Prepare your fish by filleting them and leaving the skin on. The skin will help you keep the fish together until they firm up. If they were caught off of Hard Times they are ready for grilling when you get home. Place on HOT grill skin side down and baste with lemon juice and lemon pepper. Cook until skin has turned black then flip the fillet over and peel the skin off. If the skin fails to come off with little or no effort flip fillet over and cook longer. Once you have the skin removed baste this side with lemon pepper and lemon juice. Cook until bottom side is golden then flip and cook skinned side until golden. Fish is done when it flakes but everyone has different tastes here so use your own judgement. If you master this you  will hear the comment "GOOD GROCERIES!"  when the meal is eaten.


Form a small tinfoil pan and add butter or margarine along with garlic salt, onion salt, pepper, and the zest of a lemon.  Mix ingredients to taste and simmer on low heat until they have a chance to marry. I use this for basting fish while grilling and it will give you great results.

You can also make a hot sauce from mixing a store bought horseradish/mayo sandwich spread with ketchup. Blending the two together fifty-fifty tastes pretty good. This is good on shrimp and fish. Just add a bit of this to the plate and dip your cooked fish in it.


A friend of mine who is a commercial crabber in Port Aransas Texas gave me this recipe. His name is Flippo and I dedicate this recipe to him. In his honor I will call them EGGS REDNECKED.

Prepare the eggs for smoking by washing them in a vinegar water bath (three cups of water to one cup of white vinegar.) Soak for two minutes and wipe dry with paper towel. Rinse with fresh water and wipe dry. Start eggs out on the smoker at low temperature. Failure to do this will result in cracked shells. Smoke on low 145 degrees or so for 8-10 hours. They will be just like hard-boiled eggs when done only seasoned with a smoky flavor. Let cool and dig in. Keep eggs refrigerated until eaten. We like to make egg salad sandwiches or deviled eggs with them the next day.


 A lot of people love to hunt ducks but not many enjoy eating them. I have taken a simple recipe for ducks on the grill and added some personal touches making it a gormet meal fit for all of us to eat. Proper care in wild game comes in the field so not even this recipe will help uncared for ducks.

Breast your ducks out in two fillets. Take a meat mallet and flatten them out. This also makes sure that all the BBs are out of the meat. Marinate them in Western Salad Dressing for a few hours. The next step is to lay them out one at a time and stick two slices of pepperoni,  green-red-or yellow pepper, green chile pepper, and a slice of sweet onion on the flat duck breast. Now roll them up ( It takes patience but the end result is well worth it.) and take a strip of bacon and warp around the rolled up duck breast and auger it with several tootpicks to hold it together. Once the cooking process starts the shrinking bacon will hold it together by itself. Place on low heat on a grill and turn often. YOU MUST STAY CLOSE TO THE GRILL AND WATCH SO THEY DO NOT BURN.  Cook very slow. When the ducks are done remove toothpicks and place on plate.  Warm the remaining salad dressing and drizzle over the duck rolls.


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